My Sculptures

I have worked in many media, wood, stone, sand, cement, plaster and clay.


I started by modelling from live models and many different poses, the models were male and female and all different shapes and sizes. I soon saw that my emphasis was on poses always consisting of backs. I seemed to have a fascination for the sweep of a back and the curve of the spine.


I gradually moved on to carving in wood which I really enjoyed, the grain and different textures of the wood often gave surprising finishes and beautiful patterns from the grain. I often chose tree branches and worked with the shape often no knowing what it would be until it was finished.

Medicine Man

Enlightened Beings



I really enjoyed carving stone, alabaster, ancaster and soapstone is one of my favourites.  Soapstone giving a highly polished finish and often very beautiful markings within the stone. I often chose highly unusual shapes of stone and worked with the shape as part of the design, but often or not a back or a bottom would appear in the design.


I also found a liking to make things for the garden involving chicken wire and masses of sand and cement and often coloured pigments put into the sand and cement. The sand and cement can withstand extreme temperatures outdoors and placed strategically in the garden in bushes or peeking out from the undergrowth can add a touch of magic to an ordinary garden.


I also produced models in plaster as finished pieces but can also be cast for a limited edition.  Working in plaster has to be worked fast as the plaster dries very quickly, a little like working in acrylic paint.


I have been working for over 35 Years as a sculptor but lately have concentrated on painting.  I am now working on paintings which incorporate working with various textures which are very sculptural.