Inspirational Quotes

See what is around you... Not what you think is around you... Open yourself up to clarity and truth

Arrange matters, matters of the heart mind and soul... File them, create them and live them....

You know that you have arrived when you actually arrive... ..

Travel well, travel in your mind and soul, reach into the depths of your mind for true creativity .... Creating beautiful thoughts and intentions

Everlasting beauty is for keeping close to your heart, see it in your mind and soul .... See the beauty in everything you create ......


Be aware of your senses, taste, smell and sight;

Capture each moment like a photographic moment


Moment in time, each second is a building block of time and memory captured by the senses


Creativity feeds and nourishes the soul


Put all thoughts of anger and hatred away while you create as it stifles your flow.....


Use colour merely as a tool.... it expresses a movement....movement turns the eyes to beauty


Not everyone percives the way we perceive beauty, it is all merely an illusion... An illusion to the onlookers


Be unique to yourself... No one else matters.... Create for yourself... Not what you think others want to see


Go create... Create harmony, love, peace and tranquility in the art you produce


Clear all rubbish and negativity to be truly truly creative.... cluttered minds make confused pictures