Linda at work

     Linda  Lipinski

Linda Lipinski, Grandmother, daughter, mother, sister, friend artist and sculptor.


Linda is a contemporary artist who paints from the heart and has been inspired by her many travel experiences and influenced by many of her sculptures.  Linda has been a sculptor for over 35 years and has taken part in a number of  exhibitions.


Linda  studied at The Institute in Hampstead Garden Suburb.


At last she decided to embark on painting... just a hobby.... This has now lead to bigger things.


Linda creates most of her paintings with credit cards.  As a sculptor it is almost like carving paint, she can create many different effects with just the flick of a credit card.  She has even been known to use a palette knife and paint brush.


Linda captures each moment like a photographic moment and puts this energy into her art. Each moment in time is a building block of memory captured by the senses (taste, smell and sight). She has now taken up photography to enhance her art.

Moment in time, each second is a building block of time

& memory captured by the senses.   M